Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service in Daphne, Alabama

If you are looking for an upholstery cleaning service in Daphne, Spanish Fort, or Fairhope, Alabama, then contact Floor Medic today. We provide a wide range of cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Call us today at (251) 625-0008. We are your cleaning experts!

Why Choose Floor Medic for Your Upholstery?

At Floor Medic, we have built a reputation as a premier floor and furniture cleaner in Daphne, Alabama. When you hire our team of cleaning technicians, here's what you can expect:

  • Efficient service that doesn't keep you waiting.
  • Affordable rates that stay within your home or business budget.
  • 100% results and 100% satisfaction with every aspect of our work.
  • Professionalism in our appearance, actions, and how we treat our customers.
  • Advanced industry-grade equipment that gets the job done.
  • Care and nurturing of your upholstery items.
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Floor Medic Does More Than Clean... We Sanitize Your Upholstery Furniture

Your furniture can get dirty over time. Embedded deep in the fabric is a wide range of pollutants, allergens, and contaminants, as well as microbes and other tiny life forms. Add all that up, and your furniture can be a health hazard. Thankfully, Floor Medic can both clean and sanitize your furniture and remove up to 99% of all harmful contaminants and substances from the fabric. We can disinfect all the dirt and grime brought on by pets, children, spills, food, and other stains. Once again, you can feel confident that your couch, chair, or other items are clean and sanitary.

Preserve Your Upholstery and Restore Its Natural Beauty

Upholstery is a delicate material that requires very specific methods and cleaning agents in order to restore it to like-new condition without harming the fabric. Common household soaps or harsh chemicals may remove stains, but they will also damage the surface and cause it to crack, fade, or weaken.

Our cleaning products will go deep into the material and remove the toughest stains while extending the life of your furniture. Non-toxic, natural cleaners are also safe for your family and your pets. You will see the results you're looking for while maintaining a healthy environment in your home or office.

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The Upholstery Cleaning Process

We at Floor Medic use the latest technology to clean upholstery. Delicate or tough, whatever the fabric, Floor Medic has the solution. We use HydraMaster’s patented DriMaster™ Upholstery Tool. Using new Jetless Cleaning Technology, the solution is under constant flow, trained by the patented injector bar and slotted vacuum port system. The result is a highly effective cleaning tool that works without over wetting.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service in Daphne, Alabama

If you have children or pets in your home, then you know how dirty your upholstery furniture can get. Once upholstery gets dirty, it can be difficult to remove the stains without damaging the material. The best option is to hire a professional upholstery cleaning and treatment service.

Floor Medic specializes in upholstery cleaning. We provide cleaning and restoration for home and business owners in Spanish Fort, Daphne, and Fairhope, Alabama, as well as the surrounding Gulf Coast. Our licensed and certified cleaning technicians have both the skills and training necessary to clean upholstery fabric and furniture. We can remove the toughest stains while preserving the beauty and integrity of your furniture or other upholstery items.

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