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Carpet Cleaning

Just How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

Your carpet can hold four times its weight in dirt and grime, and it often does. In any given year, your household will track in dirt from the outside, spill food and liquid, and you may even move furniture around to cover up hard-to-remove stains. This doesn't even include the air-borne allergens and pollutants, as well as pet dander that settle into the carpet. Over a short period, your carpet is dirty, stained, and unhealthy. The solution is to hire an experienced and trained cleaning technician who can treat even the dirtiest carpet and flooring in your home.

Residential Cleaning Services in Daphne, Alabama

Floor Medic provides comprehensive and thorough floor cleaning and sanitizing for residential and commercial properties in Daphne, Alabama, and the surrounding Gulf Coast area. Our cleaning technicians have over two decades of experience combined with the most advanced equipment anywhere in the industry. We clean tile, carpet, hardwood, stone, upholstery, and area rugs. Contact us today, and let us help you restore your flooring material to its new condition. We are your cleaning specialists in Southern Alabama.


Our Services

  • Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Hardwood Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Flood Damage Repair

We Treat All Types of Flooring

In addition to carpet treatment, we also clean a wide range of flooring materials. This includes:

Floor Medic


We utilize a step-by-step process to clean your rugs, which includes inspection, dusting, immersion pit washing, drying, detailing, and finishing. Our cleaning crew specializes in Oriental and Area Rugs.

Floor Medic


We use HydraMaster's patented DriMaster Upholstery technology, which creates a continuous flow of the cleaning solution without ever allowing it to penetrate the fabric fully. The result is a clean upholstery exterior without soaking the furniture.

Floor Medic

Hard Surfaces

We clean all hard surfaces such as hardwood, tile and grout, marble, and stone. Your floor's shiny appearance may be hindered by wax buildup. We can revive the floor by stripping away the old way and applying the new.